Not Tech Savvy, No Problem

Not tech savvy, no problem. At Merchant Muscle, we take care of all the “techie” stuff. You see, we understand that not everyone has the know-how when it comes to technology and digital marketing. We allow you to focus on what you do best, running your business.

Digital Marketing Solutions

In today's digital economy there are so many different venues, websites, social media, email, SEO, video, etc.. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, it may seem overwhelming to the point of "I give up."Unfortunately, that is not the best approach if you intend to stay in business.

Do You Even Need A Website?

Did you know that 97% of customers search for products and services online? Don't think you need a website? In today's digital economy, if your potential clients can't find you on their smartphones, you don't exist.

"At Merchant Muscle, we are passionate about entrepreneurs and small business success"

We feel that small businesses and entrepreneurs are the "fabric" that holds our communities together. We are a small business and we are local. Whether you are interested in starting a home-based business or a "bricks and mortar" location, or you're already established looking to grow your business, we applaud your dreams and visions and are here to help you succeed.